go AWAY fake blogger!

So what do bloggers do when they receive negative comments and mail? PUBLISH or REJECT? I guess we share it?? Only fair, right??

Here we go with the return of the mysterious
IndustryOmbudsman… remember?? read here…and then here....
here is a comment from TheIndustryOmbudsman on my recent
"Boy OH Boy I've been liquidated!" post : Maybe you should stop doing business with companies that manufacture their products in China. I own a children's wall art company and all of our products are made in the USA and in full compliance with the laws. Our partners are also in full compliance. It's best to do your homework before you sign on. It's not just a labeling issue. It's the fact that a lot of the suppliers weren't in compliance.
drooz doodles responds:
so ... your comment. not really helpful - but I don't think that was your intent. These new laws put many, many companies out of business - many companies that are USA based & made in the USA, and were compliant - companies that simply could not afford to pay for testing and certificates of compliance. These new laws were WAY over the top - and took precautions to a maximum that was not needed. I am "all for" safe childrens products - but I do feel that these laws were changed too drastically, too quickly. It caused a collapse of the juvenile independent arts and craft industry. (and I also feel that some of the responsibility of SAFETY should fall on the parents as well. ( should a 3 year old have access to put a wooden picture frame or porcelain piggy bank in their mouth?) by the way. I do DO my homework. but sometimes these things just happen. thanks for the concern.

The funny thing… I really DO know who you are. You are crazy to think that I wouldn’t! (I really am a very nice person with lots of real life friends, e-friends, blog friends..… you are the only person in my ENTIRE life to be so mean! This could ONLY be YOU!) Are you crazy to think the entire industry doesn’t know that you it is YOU?? That YOU watch my every move - new product, new design, new business decision, new blog entry … and then you try to decide what you should do next??? Gosh lady – really!

Let me wrap all this up with saying… it is VERY creepy to be continually “stalked” online by an anonymous person with a fake blog, with no way of contacting them in return. It was my understanding that blogging was to share ideas (yes – positive and negative) but that it is meant as a platform for constructive conversation – not anonymous bullying. YOU, IndustryOmbudsman, should spend less time reading my blog (it really only seems to upset you anyway ) and more time taking design, art, painting and etiquette classes.

Also.. I would very much appreciate it if YOU, IndustryOmbudsman, would NOT comment on my blog anymore. You are not a welcome guest, and please just stay away. You are creepy and mean, and kind of a bully.

You are more than welcome to comment – using a real name, with a real blog, with a real way to comment directly back to you. Or just email me direct.


  1. Hugs to you sweet Shelly. A person (I'm sure it must have been a woman) once said...Mean people suck. Don't let your mystery poster get your goat girl! Jen

  2. thank you Jen!
    see you in November..
    I'm having fun making my
    "to bring to silver bella" pile!

  3. Wow. I'd chalk it up to EXTREME insecurity. You keep pressing forward - You always do evolve beautifully.

  4. Laughed Out Loud at this! You go girl (sorry that does not sound so cool when I say it, but you know what I mean). Your post is hysterical....I am thinking I am due for a post and am linking to you....great work lady!

  5. Hi Shelly,
    Ever since I read your article in the Home Companion Magazine you have been an inspiration to follow my dream in having my own studio as an illustrator (I am still working on it). I am sure that what has recently happened is just a small obstacle and we will be seen more of Shelly's designs soon! Thought: Please share with us, who are pursuing the dream in been a full time creative all the things you have learned to get to where you are, as a business woman, creative and pioneer in the children art world. All the Best! Sarah

  6. Even your "Go Away Creepy Person" sign is cute!
    My few encounters with unpleasantries on my blog left me scratching my head. I don't understand going to that kind of trouble...bad Karma.

  7. That was HY-sterical!!!! AND perfectly to the point! Good for you for calling the joker out!! The one time I did a copy-cat post I got some lip from some people. Here is the link . . . http://kimwheeler.blogspot.com/2009/02/meow.html. I actually had people ask me to remove the post because it was "negative?!" ART is very personal, so when someone lifts it - it makes it personal! AND negative!! NOWAY to sugar coat it!

  8. I am sorry to hear that people leave ugly post- I don't understand! I was so sorry to hear all that work you did didn't get taken to market! How awful! I hope soon a great new company will pick you up and use all those designs you worked so hard on. It is hard when you take time away from your family to work so hard on something and then it never materializes! It can only get better from here.

  9. You go girl! I agree, your "Go away creepy person" sign IS cute! You are a very talented artist {I'm a big fan!}and I also believe that your work will be picked up from another company soon too! Good luck!!!

  10. LMAO! First of all, you are such an amazing person, anyone trying to keep up with your designs and creativity...and trying to copy everything you do, to pretend she has success or a creative bone in her body...it must be soo tough for her to be constantly running after the fastest girl in industry! Pity her! I do!

    I am imagining her seeing this post (because obviously she is holding dearly to this drama..must be a miserable existence, no wonder her creativity is stagnant!) and even jealous of the sign...everyone is right..it's the best!

    xoxo you're the Queen!