fun find 6 :: an apple a day.

it's offical. it is Fall in central NY. today we had our first trip to the apple orchard, and we baked our first apple pie of the season. I have apples on my mind...

this sweet hat and mitten set is from - the most adorable UK website featuring accessories for babes and kids. (they DO ship to the US!)

from laughing starfish jewelry... this adorable red apple necklace (only $11.00)

one of my favorite painters, Toni Grote, (I'm lucky enough to have 4 of her originals!) is now offering prints... check her out! ( this painting is sold...but is a 12x12 acrylic... she often paints apples... so you could find more just like this one!)
apple pocket pie mold from williams-somoma, $9.95. yummy.

a bit of fall body pampering... Philosophy products are all wonderful..
but check these out! who can resist warm spiced apple cider during the winter season? spiced apple cider body soap, ultra rich 3-1 ... for hair, shower, and bubble bath. and to go with that... red delicious lip shine! (i'm thinking this would be a cute teacher gift!) i'm not a big perfume girl... but I do love the Demeter fragrances. i'd love to smell like a freshly baked apple pie any day! the good folks at demeter can make that happen (and you don't even need to be in the kitchen!) they have captured the smell of fresh baked apple pie perfectly in the bottled fragrance of "Apple Pie" - a wonderful medley of Granny Smith apples, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and flaky pastry. (I've also smelled like.... a meyer lemon, a gin & tonic, playdough, baby powder, and raspberry jam - just a few of their creative scents ... you MUST look at the list of fragrances they offer! so creative!)

delicious, no??

and let's not forget about our four-legged fall lovers.... how about a new apple chew toy?? all natural, made from 100% New Zealand boiled wool, dog toy... good for hours of fetch among the fallings leaves.


  1. Yum, apples! I've been feelin' like Fall here lately myself! Unfortunately, it's still pretty hot here in Kentucky. I keep waiting for a cool day so I can get my fall decorations out!

  2. I am jealous you already bought pumpkins...and white ones! We will not have any at the stores until October. Then I have to worry that they don't fry out in the sun. Whoa is me. But I'll gladly take your complaints in the dead of winter, o.k.?