boy, OH boy... I've been liquidated.

Boy, OH Boy!
I’ve been liquidated.

Even though I’ve known this for awhile… it didn’t quite hit home until I spotted pieces from my Demdaco Frog & Fairytales line at Marshalls/HomeGoods. I’ve been liquidated. It happens to the best of us. I’m always happy to scoop up other artists and boutique companies works at Marshalls – in the past I’ve happily purchased Tracy Porter accessories, mary jack art , swaddle designs, all at a discount – not such a happy experience when it is YOUR design sitting on the Marshalls shelves. Bummer.

Even sadder. No more Frogs & Fairytales at all.

I, like many of you, closely followed the CPSIA changes that evolved during 2008-09 and were implemented in Feb 09. However, somehow, I thought this would not effect the larger companies, I had heard no worries or concerns from Demdaco regarding changes or concerns that they had regarding the tightening of these product safety laws – I figured as a front runner in the gift industry - they had it all covered, and that they would have all their ducks in a row to comply. Ooops. I was wrong. Mid Jan 08 (one month before the laws were to change) I was informed that Demdaco had decided to close the entire baby division due to the high costs stemming from the newly implemented testing standards. And with that, the Frogs & Fairytales would no longer be produced. (even though first year sales exceeded expectations)

I was very shocked to say the least. As a matter a fact, I had JUST completed a entire new line for them – almost 100 new pieces that was to debut in Atlanta this summer … (all new designs, 4 collections, and new products such as bibs, baby blankets, burp clothes) I had spent months of working on this new debut…. Now, never to be seen.

They have continued to sell the stock from the first two launches – (hence the huge liquidation to Marshalls/Homegoods.)

Demdaco has released me from of all contracts and exclusivity rights – and I am now free to do with the designs what I wish. I hope to move forward, keep designing and find a new company to work with – easier said then done – since all companies are kinda in a holding pattern as far as baby/kid collections.

I get emails weekly requesting advice from artists and crafters (how to grow their company?, should they attempt licensing?, should they exhibit at market?) ...I myself am more confused now than ever... what the heck is going on????

Any thoughts??


  1. Hi Shelly, The same thing happened to me...only my line never made it to the market with them! I worked last summer on a line, only to find out they would not go forward. It's happened to me with Peking Handicraft also. That law is killing us!!!

  2. Maybe you should stop doing business with companies that manufacture their products in China. I own a children's wall art company and all of our products are made in the USA and in full compliance with the laws. Our partners are also in full compliance. It's best to do your homework before you sign on. It's not just a labeling issue. It's the fact that a lot of the suppliers weren't in compliance.

  3. so ... your comment. not really helpful - but I don't think that was your intent. These new laws put many, many companies out of business - many companies that are USA based & made in the USA, and were compliant - companies that simply could not afford to pay for testing and certificates of compliance. These new laws were WAY over the top - and took precautions to a maximum that was not needed. I am "all for" safe childrens products - but I do feel that these laws were changed too drastically, too quickly. It caused a collapse of the juvenile independent arts and craft industry. (and I also feel that some of the responsibility of SAFETY should fall on the parents as well. ( should a 3 year old have access to put a wooden picture frame or porcelain piggy bank in their mouth?) by the way. I do DO my homework. but sometimes these things just happen. thanks for the concern.

  4. kelly - thank you for the note! I had heard you were in teh same boat - it really stinks! keep up your great work... it will all work out!

  5. The Industry Bushman (whoever you are) should put your money where your mouth is. Last time I looked no artist was named Industry Bushman, or a company for that matter. Before you start attacking Shelly why not show your face? It is easy to be judgemental and mean when you are not a REAL blogger - like me....who uses my name, face and my company name.
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