mommy's back to school " to dos.."

with all the "to do" lists we have hanging around here right now in order to prepare for the return of school... I do get a bit excited to think about my "mommy" to do list... what will I do with free afternoons?? hum.

on the top of my list is to return to painting for pleasure. paint the kids, the dogs, the hummingbird out my window, the bowl of fruit on the table - anything that is NOT meant just to hang in a kids room! (no polka dots or tiaras for a bit!) a few years ago I painted these pomegranate canvases. I gave them away for a birthday gift and shipped them off to Chicago without ever taking a picture to keep for my files. This summer when we visited this friend she had them so coolly displayed over her bar area (pomegranate martini anyone??) so I really liked these paintings - would it be rude to ask for them back - ya. probably. I guess I'll start my first day of school with painting some pomegranates!

at the bottom of the list:
1.seriosuly edit my wardrobe, & keep it all nice & neat in my closet!
2.update my flickr (so out of date!)
3.get to the weedinig it did not do this summer - before it snows
4.clean the pantry. fill with healthly snacks
5.organize all my craft supplies. paper.pencils.markers.ribbon. etc.
6.start a journal. again.
7.finish reading Julie & Julia so I can go see the movie
8.start digging out the Halloween decor and work on my costume
9. prepare for a gargae sale? can I part with anything else?
10. organize a rotating dinner menu for myself. to minimize the fuss.

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  1. How come you're to do list sounds so much fun?? I want to even help with weeding!...hmmm can i come over to paint some morning..i'll play hooky from work! yea!