festival fun.

we just returned from a midwest road trip.first stop. CHICAGO! my husband is from there...we lived there for 10 years.. both kids were born there... so it is nice to go "home". we met a friend for dinner on friday.. and she happened to mention that I might like to tag along on a saturday morning excursion with her - to the Randolph Street Fair.
oh my! SO glad I went. thanks Nancy!!

"Experience the most exciting array of vintage and modern decorative objects, home furnishings, art, fashion and jewelry ever assembled in downtown Chicago! The Randolph Street Market Festival is home to the world-renowned Chicago Antique Market and Indie Designer Market & the favorite destination for merchandisers, decorators, fashionistas and style setters from around the globe. This European-style indoor-outdoor market in the historic West Loop neighborhood features 200 select purveyors of high quality, beautifully-priced "finds" offering unlimited creative inspiration and hours of fun. As featured in Travel & Leisure, Lucky Magazine and NY Times."

vintage clothes GALORE! my 11 year old daughter, Chloe, tried on this number ( we were thinking ahead for halloween) but, alas, it did not fit! (the dress was too small and could not zip- who could wear this stuff anyway??)we think these were costumes from the Chicago Opera house - they weighed about 30lbs each and were a fortune - but, oh! were they ever something to see!

baskets and baskets of beaded hand bags (clutches are a serious weakness of mine!)

this piece was missing one drawer - but still amazing! it looks small here - but was about 4 feet square and a foot deep. I'm picturing it as my new jewelry box!
reeeeaallly wanted these for my son's bedroom - perfect as night stand tables. these were rusted metal - and weighed a TON! (I'm known to buy just about anything if it comes in a pair!) good thing there was NO way to get these babies home!
oh - this was lovely. a french wine storage case. someday.
so... I was selective... and told myself I could get one thing - but it had to fit into my purse! this is what I choose! love it! an English hotel desk bell! so happy with my choice... (even if the kids are driving me crazy with the "ding! ding! ding!" all day long~!)
so - if you are planning to be near chicago any time soon - check out their website and see if it is a festival weekend. I highly recommend stopping by. happy shopping!


  1. We are so thrilled you came and especially thrilled you had a great time! Hope to see you again soon--

    Melissa of the Randolph Street Market

  2. Looks like such a great market! Next time, bring a trailer. I bet it was HARD to walk away from those metal cabinets!