hello...I'm still here.

oh geez... I've definitely been doing more READING than WRITING these days! here's a few of my new favorites places to be...

mer mag ...She says "My name is Merrilee and I am an illustrator, painter and designer. This blog is a collection of my creative endeavors as well as a sampling of all things that inspire me including illustration, fine art, fashion, design, pattern, textiles, and interiors as well a peek into my work and my life."

I say " this blog is like a dish of all my favorite candies.... colorful, yummy, and full of all kinds of tastes and textures. I love each entry more than the next. great variety, style and makes me want to start a new creative project each and every day!the letter cottage ...She has "An online journal created to follow the renovation of the Lettered Cottage"... and her philosophy is ..." "My intention, and overall design philosophy, is to create beautiful, functional, comfortable, inspiring interiors that make you FEEL. Rooms you can't look away from without a fight."

I say " love the black & white all over the place. love the before and afters. love the style on a dime. love the amazing tips, tricks and all over creativity - highly inspires one to completely re-do a room over the weekend."

inspirations for everyday living ...She says "We recently moved from San Francisco to Birmingham, AL and are setting up a new home in a new city. This blog is devoted to all things that turn an ordinary day into something worth talking about: great food, luscious wine, inspiring spaces, and anything that requires a passport. Plus a bunch of ramblings about turning an imperfect home into the perfect place for us."

I say " LOVE the wine of the week feature - I have been keeping a list. LOVE that she mixes wine and decor - they are such a fine pair! love the photos - great quality .... good sources- and picks of rooms & decor that I have not seen all over the place a 100 times - fresh, classy and ooh! do I love"



  1. thanks for this! i got lost checking all these out last week & forgot to come back & thank you for the fun finds! i swear, the internet is too big. sometimes you don't even know where to start. :)

  2. Ah, the art of living...great food for thought Shelly! Thanks for the inspiration

  3. Great inspirational links! Thank you for sharing them!

  4. Thanks for the tip, I enjoyed looking at her blog.