pleeeeeeeease help!

awww come on.. you are a creative bunch... and it is always good karma to help others...right? I know ,I know, (trust me , I know!) ... we are always getting asked to donate here, help over there, and give alittle everywhere..

but.. here's one more. and this is a REALLY good one.. I'm helping to coordinate a Benefit Bazaar for a dear friend just diagnosed with cancer. We have been friends since we were little.. and she is just the nicest person you would ever want to meet. She just found out 2 weeks ago about the cancer and is scheduled for double mastectomy today - to be followed with Chemo and radiation...such a whirlwind has rocked her world. (check out her blog). She is a mommy of 3 little ones.. and lucky to have a wonderful husband and lots of family close by.

we are looking for handmade/creative type items. Items will be sold "tag" style. You can recommend the set price. Items in the $5.00-50.00 range are great and will most likely sell best. (let's face it.. times are tough for everyone.)

so.. PLEASE ... dig thru your old stock, discontinued, samples, slightly dented and damaged... whatever! ... and send them my way. please!

wall art, textiles, scarves, jewelry, pottery, quilts, folk art, collage, photography, knit & crocheted items, baby blankets, paper goods (like cards and stationary ) home goods, pillows, d├ęcor… one-of-a- kinds are good…. (prints and reproductions fine too!)
please shoot me an email if you wanna help.
donations can be sent to shelly kennedy, 51 Leitch Ave, Skaneateles NY 13152. be sure to include some business cards to place by your product (so folks know where to get more!) I need all product in hand by Friday July 3rd.
thank you!


  1. Hey lady - I emailed ya back, wonder if it ended up in Email Purgatory. Yes! Yes I can send stuff! I will go through our stock and put a box together. I hope it is a huge success!

  2. Shel, you are such a wonderful person...I'm going to start baking now and coming up with other ideas!!!