happy may day '09

today my baby turns 10 years old. yikes. (I have a feeling that today there will be no naps on the couch, no rosey cheeks and no warm apple juice) - sad sigh.........
instead .... there will be ... muddy smelly sneakers at the front door, a bicycle helmet were teddy used to be, and lots of "hey dude! it's my birthday!". we are planning a pizza / laser tag party. a small gathering with a few boys...I was thrown for a loop this morning when my son asked... hey Mom, can we clean out these empty HOT FRIES bags and use them for my goodie bags?? ( HOT FRIES are his favorite snack food - I could see where he was coming from!) yummm. goodie bags?? OK... mom is slipping. I had not thought of goodie bags. (isn't dinner and hours of Laser Tag enough?) guess not. so taking cue from one of my favorite blogs - I thought... what can I make to give the boys that is special - something they might actually want and use again? I came up with t-shirts. see... these iron on transfers have come a l o n g way since I last used them. they printed nice and crisp, they ironed on and peeled off perfectly. I was so happy. hopefully they will be too!
PS. my favorite May Day fairies did not disappoint this morning!
thank you sweeties!
happy may day!


  1. Where does the time go? I LOVE your shirts! Did you make one that will fit me? Hugs,Jen

  2. Excellent shirt designs! Yay!! Happy birthday to your son. Thanks so much for linking to my blog Shelly!!!