whatcha up to?

I made it thru Easter weekend, 10 days of Spring break, 2 days of a sick kiddo coughing on the couch when she should have been back at school. now.. it's back to work! so wanna know what I'm to up? well, I can say I've got peppermints and pinecones on my mind.. here's a peek! (It's so funny to get into this while I watch the robins hop around the daffodils outside!)

I'm also working on some small original wall art pieces soon to be listed on drooz studio.com (handpainted frames coming soon too)

and then... if I take a painting break... I'm sifting thru my boxes of goodies that I have saved over the years for Silver Bella inspiration. broken jewelry, old business cards, tags, ribbon scrap - apparently all fair game! I'm browsing new blogs and websites of the Silver Bellas - trying to get familar with the girls and what to expect!
I just bought this amazing box of vintage sheet music. most covers are in full color - they are just beautiful. This is also for Silver Bella - a paper project class I'm taking with Anna Corba. ( if anyone has ideas for how to remove the musty smell on these papers - please advise!)


  1. Super cute...love the orange with on the blue background.

  2. Good Morning, sweet Bella!

    You'll love Silver Bella - it is just ... magical!!

    My suggestion for removing the musty smell, is to let them air out, and to put a used fabric softener sheet in with them.

    It works for me!

  3. Just found your blog. You will love Silver Bella! I went last year and it was so much fun just being around so many lovely and creative women.