happy easter

happy easter!
i found chloe the most adorable ivory sequined easter dress today. we tried it on to make sure it fits. it did. the sun happened to be shining so we gathered some eggs and posed for some pre-easter pictures! I toned this one to look old - I love it! looks like she is standing near the hen house!there's nothing like a new pair of lacey spring tights!
last years eggs... (haven't yet decorated eggs '09)

enjoy your weekend! hope the bunny is good to you!


  1. Wow! She looks beautiful!! I love the first photo. It does look old. Love the colorful eggs in the last photo.

  2. Happy Easter to your little family. She looks so sweet in her dress.

  3. Love the tights. Love the dress! Happy Easter!

  4. Classic and beautiful!

    How fun that you're going to Silver Bella! Email me your schedule at jenjen1220atyahoodotcom and we can see if we have any classes together. Isn't it just SO exciting?