BIJOU beauty!

wanna see the cutest darn salon ever?... we'll here it is! the new and improved Bijou salon in Skaneateles NY was unveiled this morning (to be exact ... the black plastic was ripped from the covered windows at 7:55am this morning!) My good friend Kim opened the salon last year, adorable then too- but just a bit smaller. She recently was given the opportunity to expand - doubling the size. (Yes, I'm happy to report that even in this crazy economy some business are growing!) She added a cozy and festive waiting room (that I'm praying the crazy "waiting kiddos" won't destroy), 2 more hair stations, a make up counter, a 3 person nail bar, a massage & waxing room, and TONS of adorable retail items!

I helped here out a bit with decor and styling ideas... a few shopping trips, hours of online research, and a few afternoons of some decorative painting.... a voila! presto! I give you the new and improved Bijou - " a gem of a little salon"... (even though it is not so little anymore!)

My Chloe helps put the bijou window ORBS together!

retail (wonderful Aveda), garden stools slide around for extra seating when there are wedding parties and bday party groups the front check out counter...( I painted the logo on the wall!)
isn't this FUN?? festive and styln' - the long window bench is super comfy!

hair washing stations... ( and Bijou artwork by Moi!)

and check out these amazing pillows!

(eufora hair products - I'm hooked!),
and 2 petite polka dot chairs

the nail barLOVE these...survival kits for Mother of the Bride (MOB), Bride, Bridesmaids, ShEmergeny and HEmergency kits too!

so stop by next time you are in town! Bijou Salon - 6 Jordan Street, Skaneateles New York 315.685.1300 in the mean time, check out the blog!
GREAT job Kim!! I can't wait for my next appointment!


  1. Very cool. Love the polka dot chairs and airy paper lanterns. Great job!!

  2. Awesome!!! Congratulations Kim and Bijou on your recent wishes for your continued success. Shelly...LOVE your style and design touches -- great job! Very fun, fresh, and inviting. Look forward to seeing you at the Thom Filicia Style eve @ Anyela's Vineyards.