well...not quite.

UPDATE: march 18, 2009... yeah!
our woodland nest is featured on theDailyStroll...
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Well...we are having thoughts of spring around these parts. we were teased with it last week...but winter is definitely back! Nonetheless... I've been working with a palette of robins egg blue, cotton candy pink, and daffodil yellow... paint, ribbon and paper .. some springy treats await! I just finished a few giant 14" woodland nests. made from 4 difference branches, moss, feathers, and scraps finished off with a layered tag that shouts "sing the songs of Spring"... nestled in the center are 3 blue tiny tiaras. (a few years ago I did a photo shoot of the tiny tiaras in a nest... I had so many inquires about the NEST- which was just a prop- so, here ya'll go.. a GIANT spring nest... ready to roost upon your dining room table for this Easter dinner!)


  1. Shell,
    Your photography is KILLER. Can't you ever sit still?

  2. Shelley,
    That is just beautiful. Those tiaras are so delicate and perfect! Happy Spring!