make a WISH!

our daughter turned 11 last weekend.. she wanted a "grown -up", "sit down" dinner party for her and a few girlfriends.. she said..." mom and dad, you can cook & serve!" ok. let;'s do it! Lots of pink, lots of sweets! feather boas at each setting - a must for any 11 year old girls birthday party! (except our girly girl Stella dog REALLY liked the boas, and decided they were ALL for HER, she kept stealing them and hiding them in her bed!) Chloe planned the menu... the color scheme, helped decorate (when mommy would let her! sorry honey- mommy just has too much fun with the party planning!) she specified fresh mint with dessert and helped me load the ipod with her favorite party songs.

the cutest matches EVER! ( thanks Lisa!) I received as a gift for MY bday a few weeks earlier! each girl lit their own candle and then they all blew out at the same time -each making a wish for them self!
drinks and sweets table..
pink punch, pink ginerale, and sparkling pink lemonade

pink frothy punch - heavenly!
have a seat girls!

menu- yum!

our 11 year old sweetie!

cheers! OK - so mom ate most of these...
these are the cutest marshmallow candies - now at Marshalls!
I added the name cards to the take home goodie bags when I cleared the table.
don't forget to confirm every one's email so you can share party photos!


  1. drooz studio! i am star-struck! i just saw your comment on {the cottage nest} blog and had to pop over to say hello! hello!

    i have seen your amazing work, lovely family, and read about your wonderful outlook in magazines.

    sorry to gush! you're an inspiration.


  2. birthdays are big at our house- we just had a mermaid party! Love to plan a great party! Yours was gorgeous! Happy birthday to your little girl!

  3. In my next life, I want to be Chloe:)
    sooo cute! and for such a deserving little girl!

  4. Your girl is just beautiful! Look at that stunning hair!
    Ok, so I'm just mesmerized by the beautiful centerpieces, and the dainty yet cool party food! I bet it was a great party! Happy Birthday to her! (loved your dog rockin' the boa!)

  5. Oh my! Do you think it's possible that you and I were separated at birth? That's hilarious. Even our china looks similar. Hope your party was as big a hit as ours! L-o-v-e the pink boas and wish I had thought of that, doll size ones too! You are awesome!

  6. this party is so adorable. I'm sure your daughter was thrilled beyond words.


  7. ADORABLE! What a wonderful Party! I love the table and the punch looks so Yummy. The birthday girl is so pretty.

  8. Oh my GOODNESS - I just found your blog and I am in LOVE!!!

    Do you know where those matches came from?? I am having a birthday brunch for some girlfriends and that would be TOO CUTE!!!

  9. Ohhhhh! A birthday fit for a princess! My daughter just turned 9 and we had to put off her party due to her being sick...but just wait until she sees what your daughter came up with!

    My big question you hire out? Can you come decorate? As much as I love being royalty (ahem), I hate that kind of thing. lol

    I'm going to have to blog about you...all your stuff is just (gasp) amazing! And your daughter is so cute - and grown up!