foo dog fascination

SCORE!! I've had my eye on these foo dog statues from William&Sonoma Home... (a mere $350.00 for the set! yikes) - even me... a fool that usually parts with her money much too easily could not be tempted by these lovelies at THAT price... but.... alas... gotta love Marshalls! found these today for $30.00 for the pair. a much more modern and symbolic interpretation of the WSH version, but for $320.00 less- I'm thrilled. same size, same finish, as far as I'm concerned same feel.Traditionally these foo dogs, or Chinese guardian lions come in a pair - a male and a female. the male lion (on the right) has his paw on ball, guarding the "dwelling/home", and the female (on the left) nuzzles a single cub under paw symbolizing protection for those who reside inside- usually both standing guard with teeth bared, discouraging evil spirits and wrong doers from entering. The foo dog with the open mouth sucks in all evil spirits; the closed mouth dog keeps them contained. - either way ... a good thing! Although mine above do not have the ball or cub ( love that cub in the WSH version!) , they do have a slight mouth difference... so I think we are covered from all types of evil spirits!

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  1. I heart Marshall's....

    what would we ever do without discount stores??