shopping for the jungle!

so. we are headed to the jungle in a few weeks. for our winter break this year we choose Peru, the Amazon Basin area. we will live "afloat" for a few days on this 8 roomed boat. travelling down the amazon river in the heart of the rainforest during the day in skiffs to fish for sharp toothed piranha and seek squirrel monkeys, herons, egrets, and pink dolphins! At night we will return to the skiff and travel by spotlight to search for night wildlife - nighthawks, frogs, opossums, tarantulas, and caymans.

we will also spend a few days at the La Casa Fitzcarraldo in Iquitos - a jungle B&B with a 3 story tree house! here we will venture out for day trips with Bill from Dawn On the Amazon to the Belen market, visit Bora indigenous village, and learn rainforest flora and fauna at the Allpahuayo Mishana Reserve.

so... for our latest adventure I've been doing some shopping and have come across some extraordinary products I wanted to share!

a sun hat is a must! this woven material is a great natural color, leather cord help so I won't blow away! upf 50, and the best part - totally packable! rolls into a ball.
the basic bandanna - now with built in bug spray. Exofficio makes all types of items ( hats, pants, shirts, socks, etc) that have built in sun protection ( up to 50 upf) and insect repellent ( good for up to 70 washes) . Wearing this bandanna around your neck or in your hair will be the most fashionably functional way to keep the bugs away. ok . LOVE this! by genius designer Sherry Truitt. The Compass Adventure Compass. you must check out her other wonderful pieces - great gifts! This is a working directional compass, just lie it flat. The compass measures .75" (1.9cm) and is hung on an 18" sterling beaded chain. perfect for a jungle adventure or a trip to the grocery store!

Honestly I am not much of a "sneaker" type girl - but my husband got me hooked on these shoes - I already own these sneaks in pink but...they are pretty old so I looking for a new pair... I see that they now come in about a dozen colors. yeah! these are the most versatile shoes I own! super light mesh dries in a flash, great support, great treads for hiking, and they are designed so you can fold down the back and wear as a slip on! I just ordered a new pair in "light grass" green color! They are by
Salomon - about $80. so our travel Doctor recommended we bring travel mosquito nets to protect us from malaria and yellow fever (just in case where we stay doesn't have them) I've done some research - how cool are these things? never mind the jungle - how about a sleep over, indoor forts, and backyard picnics! instant romance and adventure! this one is from REI, folds up into a tiny pouch, and is only $12.00! so my last "jungle pick" must have is the new Olympus Stylus 8000, waterproof, shockproof, freezeproof, crushproof and shakeproof (kid -proof, and kid friendly - we have an early version- but we lost it this summer on a rollercoaster!) ) 12-megapixel resolution, takes great pic, super easy to use, and can with stand drops by the kiddos. Tap Control makes it easy for skiers, divers and snowmen makers to control key settings without removing their gloves. (and it comes in cool yellow!)

happy travels!


  1. Wow! totally impressed. sounds like an adventure worthy of National Geographic exposure. Enjoy!

  2. Your trip sounds absolutely *amazing*. I am so jealous!!!

  3. Maryam!! It was YOU or the amazon!
    Hopefully next trip will be to the peacock pavillions!
    I just heard that a friend of mine is on her way to you to help with the paint project!

  4. Have a WONDERFUL and safe trip. It sounds like an experience of a lifetime. No doubt you will be inspired creatively by your surroundings. Enjoy!!

  5. I want to float the Amazon on that boat!