fun find number:: 3

My friend Elaine has always had the most impeccable style -creative, fashion forward with out being too trendy, and best of all...lots of details from thrift and vintage searching. Her home and her fashion are adorbale....always making me say... "that's brilliant... why didn't I think of that!" She gives the BEST gifts too... Over the years I have been graced with a set of white place mats, an embroidered dresser runner, a hand painted pin, and a gorgeous hair comb with huge gray pearls - all vintage, all perfection (and that's just a few..) ! For Christmas this year she gave me the most perfect green glass dove (vintage Fenton "happiness bird") ... she knows I love this color green... and birds are so in right now! It is just lovely to hold... very soothing!

Lucky for you Elaine's great taste is for sale! she has opened an etsy shop...( "" - you know... that parallel craft & goodies universe that I just want to spend all my free time living in!)

check out her beautiful treasures... great for gift giving, special events and especially fine pieces for weddings.. jewels, baubles and handbags.

Elaine says..."We love all things vintage for many reasons. Vintage equals a quality and value that is hard to find in today's retail environment. Vintage is often one of a kind. You will be the only person in the room with that cocktail clutch, choker, pin or earring! Vintage has a history and a past, yet it is a modern and eco-friendly lifestyle that works well today. Most importantly, we love what we do. Hopefully it shows!"

... Oh Elaine.. it SHOWS!
Great job...can't wait to shop!


  1. Wow! Your friend has gorgeous taste! My favorite color is green too! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, no! Not another place to spend my money.