individuality,endless creativity and genuine STYLE!

Ok.. so now a few words on the artists in the industry that I love, admire and praise for their individuality, endless creativity and genuine STYLE!

I think I must start with Kelly Rightsell.. Pretty much the "Mommy of the kid art explosion" she basically started it all... when I started drooz in 1998 ... around that time...and I would look online for "nursery art" - Kelly Rightsell was the only one who showed up! really! Her work is classic and timeless. It is storytelling with images. I give her major kudos for her persistence , staying power and ability to change with the times. Kelly has also designed wallpaper, dish sets, and the most adorable plush animals you ever did would be in the "new comer" category. I am lucky enough to personally own 2 prints ( that Sarah so kindly gifted to me a year or so ago) .... Sarah Jane Studios - just takes my breath away. her tag line is "Illustrating Childhood" - and boy, that is what she does! Her soft line drawings are so precise - sometimes just the tiniest curve of a cheek screaming "JOY" right off the page! Her characters are as charming as all get out - and a wonderful combination of vintage and yet modern feeling - how does she do that?? Visit her blog, and her etsy store. Betcha can't pick just one favorite!

For my "modern" pick ... I choose the graphic poster art of John Golden at ETSY. He describes his process as... "I create all my work digitally, mostly starting with a blank screen and using the mouse or a pen and graphics tablet to create an image. I use scans in my collage work, but everything else is painted or drawn within the computer." I describe as art with a sense of humor! Below are a few examples of these whimsical "By order of the Management" series - I just can' t decide which ones I NEED!... check him out...there are lots more to choose from!

and in the "super sweet" category... I choose The Doodle Store. Graphic designers David and Kelly Robinson have really outdone themselves with a fresh approach to some of the most used children's icons - creative, new, and interesting for kids and parents alike - just adorable.

all of you keep up the great work!


  1. Hi I love your designs!! I hope to be carrying them soon!

    Blessings to you!

  2. oh you are so sweet! I must say the same thing about your work though...the expressive hand is something NO ONE can copy. Your company has lead the art explosion, and so glad you are still going! Not easy to keep strong in a competitive industry, is it! You are my hero:) thanks again:)

  3. WOW, Shelly, You sure did make my day!!! We all really should lift each other up and encourage each other. After all, we are all artists, mothers, and business-women in a competitive business. Your comments really do mean alot to me. THANKS!! Kelly

  4. Hi Shell,
    So happy to see you've taken on blogging so beautifully and I loved this post with two of my favs--I'm so proud of Sarah Jane too. I hope you have a wonderful trip, can't wait to see the photos!

    My girls and I still adore your Pretend wallhanging, it makes me smile and think of you often!

    Kelly-Startup Princess