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A very nice thing happened to me this weekend... a faithful drooz doodles blog reader bestowed upon me a wonderful "blogland" blog award... I honestly have never seen the award before.. and don't know much about it.. but apparently it is an honor passed from blogger to blogger... a Portuguese saying translating to "This blog invests and believes, in proximity." Such a wonderful thing... this blog community... where technically complete strangers can give such a warm, strong and highly appreciated pat on the back! be sure to check out Katie's blog "Ritch in Love"... nicely proportioned doses of family, food, venting, friendship, great reads and sweet music.

I would like to pass the award along to one of my all time favorite (and one of the first blogs I started to read regularly..) drum roll pleeeease...I would like to pass the award to blog Lizzie Sorensen of

...specifically to the blog entry : "I can't even do book club right".I have passed along that entry to more moms than I can count - and some of us are still laughing!

Lizzie has a great sense of humor - and is always so TRUE to life!! most of my blogging world consists of decor, fluff and pretty colors (which I love, what can I say?? blogging is definitely a source of escapism!) ... but Lizzie has a "tell it like it is" nack that never fails to create outloud laughter for me! she posts on everything from shoes that make farting noises when you step, to weight loss, to motherhood and fashion - yes.. the last 2 CAN go together!. check her out witty, random thoughts... and "just had to get it off my chest" honesty. thank you Katie! thank you Lizzie!

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  1. Thank you SO much Shelly! What an honor!!! Wow I better go update my blog....