a fresh new studio space..

spent all last weekend cleaning, sorting and boxing the basement storage room. spent good chunks of time this week cleaning and painting the same space. will spend tonight painting the floor - BLACK - yup! black! OK.. remember a few posts ago... my "mission: organization inspiration"?
well... looks like the AFTER posts will be of a whole new space! hopefully with the next two weeks.

I'm getting the space ready for my new "at home" studio space...yeah! it has been a few years, but I'm very excited to be working at home again ...I hope to be all settled in before the snow hits so I can avoid the blizzardy commute to the studio...(which as some of you may know... is for sale)
there really is no sense in going back and forth any longer...when I can easily do what I need to do with the comforts of home.

so... condensing a "whole house of a studio" back into "one room of a studio"- not so easy! I've been trying to sort thru and rid myself of extra things - not so easy for me!

no more pink. I have a fresh new studio space color palette - black, white and spring green. Yes. I know we are headed into winter - so maybe I should call it "green tea" green for now. here's a peek of my inspiration... this adorable Buddha statue for a dose of "good morning attitude adjustment" and a bit of "rub my tummy" inspiration good luck. These gorgeous curtains with velvety flocked leaves... both from urban outfitters.
OK.. off to paint floors. sigh.


  1. I can't wait to see the outcome!

  2. Love the drapes.. can't wait to see how it all turns out!!!!