any excuse for a party... Really.

I love to plan and throw parties. I really do.
honestly - any excuse will do.

the annual Halloween bash and annual gingerbread house parties are a must... but the more obscure celebrations must get recognized as well - one year we had a seven year itch party to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary, last summer we held a huge bash to celebrate summer (and the fact that both kids were away at sleep-over camp), last winter we had a "give thanks for friends" dinner party, and then there's birthday #39.

Yes.. I know, traditional NOT a big year for celebration - but I think we all felt we had lots to celebrate anyway. (life, Fall, the rain stopped, it was Saturday night... whatever!) yes even in the midst of economic downfall and political craziness.. we all need to find time - and an excuse- to celebrate SOMETHING!

I am very lucky to hang with a very cool bunch of friends...highly creative, highly festive , highly loved and always highly ready to call the babysitter for a night out! Always game for a get-together this past weekend we gathered to celebrate my husband's 39th birthday. eat drink and be merry. and so we did.

I arranged a Groove & Grub party... 12 of us piled into a giant limo and were whisked away to one of our favorite restaurants - Henry B's in Seneca Falls NY. We lounged and relaxed... and enjoyed some yummy NY State wines as well as a delicious orange & pomegranate vodka concoction. We listened to the LIMO GROOVE cd mix I had made and opened birthday gifts... once we arrived we enjoyed champagne and red wine (which some of us realized don't mix well..) and we ate & laughed, and ate & laughed, and ate & laughed some more!

I made party honor of our wonderful friends .( what's a PARTY without favors??) delicious dark chocolate turtle carmel apples from Amy's Gourmet Apples, and a copy of the LIMO GROOVE cd mix I made..

happy birthday, baby!
So...find something to celebrate... this site might help get the ball rolling.. the top image/ Birthday e-card is from a hysterical site that I discovered this morning when I opened an email from a friend containing this card.... PLEASE be aware these are adorably, shamefully, tasteless and for adult eyes only!

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