MISSION "inspiration organization": BEFORE

Today I started a cleaning project.

A major project I have been putting off for months now. As I stood there in my studio I spun around & around looking at years of piled ideas and drawers that will not close! hummmm. where should I start? how about taking a few pictures first?? so I did... and here they are... let's just say I did not get much cleaning done. As I sifted thru old magazines, boxes of business cards, cork boards layered and layered with mementos, bags of ribbon trim and old sketch books... I attempted to start a new "edited down" idea book... getting rid of old stale ideas- and building a new recipe book of drooz doodles and design "to do" list. Boy... it is NOT easy for me to get rid of things!
See here my collection of "rubber toys"... the small annoying items that fall to the bottom of the toy box - Dr. office visit toys, birthday goodie bag left overs, dracula teeth and rubber balls all look so pretty together! The giant goldfish and scorpion rule over the glass jar kingdom! - you can click on pics for a closer look -

magazines - probably my BIGGEST addiction (ribbons and papers round out the bunch) They are are great way to stay current on color, design, fashion & decor trends. These here , however , are not so current... some over 20 years old - issues of one of my all time favorite magazines - Victoria - I read the very first issue in 1987! I still sit and flip thru these for inspiration almost daily. (I once bought $100.00 worth of back issues on ebay to complete my collection!)

below here is my large desk... this is where I sit to pay bills & order supplies. (fun, fun... a pretty place is in need indeed!) The 2 large cork boards above hold thank you cards from happy mommies, favorite fabric swatches, and family photos..

I just love the little blue dog drawing mannequin (now on sale at PB teen!) My walls are covered with papers, here on an oval wire display are favorite birthday cards and drooz collateral materials from over the years. My "goodie" nook... ( which we made from where an old chimney once was..) 4 precious vintage children's books perch on top... inside are drawings from my kids ( a pink polka do dinosaur one of my favs!) , my tiara collection, photos, and my sugar cookie collection - YES! sugar cookies.... sometimes I find them so perfectly decorated that they are just too pretty to eat. I wrap in cello-bags and add a touch of moth ball dust.. (I started to do that a few years ago after a mouse decided to EAT my sugar cookie collection! it seems to work! An antique bunny door stop stands guard and protects my trinkets.... (he once lived in my dads room when he was a little boy)
here are my IDEA PILES. stickers, dress tags, menus, play bills, old calendars, torn out pages and folders organized by topic and theme: beach, farm, food, sports, shoes, holiday, fairytale, etc. etc.

I have a thing for journals with blank pages.... most have lined pages... but when I see a pretty journal with blank pages ... I HAVE to have it!

this is the PAPER TABLE... where collections of scrap book papers explode to the floor. I have been working on some collage and fun cut out paper projects...

The "giant rose" rug underneath is a drooz design sample piece from a few years ago that we never did put into production - I just love it... but we were thinking it worked better as a HOME piece than a BABY piece... hummm..
there's an idea..........

jars of vintage millinery trim, ribbons and flowers sit so sweet they look good enough to eat!
OK .. it is getting dark out.. time to go home. I'll sit down and sift a bit more tomorrow.
I just wish the trash can was as full of ideas as my head is right now! getting rid of stuff is not easy...

so... this is a BEFORE post...
hopefully someday soon I'll have a
follow up AFTER post on MISSION "inspiration organization"!


  1. but i love it, don't change a thing!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing other people's workspaces and ideas. What would we do without apothecary jars?!


  3. This is AWESOME! I live like this everyday. I think it is because my brain is this scattered and if I didn't have a little chaos, things would not be normal! HAH!

  4. Your office is so great.. I love the the stuff everywhere.. it is so nice to see something very real and lived in and yet still so pretty and full of fun style. Love the floors and that little dog is so cute.. I'm going to have to check him out at PBTeen!