fun find:: number 1

A Friday FUN FIND!!
I saw this book yesterday at a local paper products store ... I had to have it! It is called The DOODLE DIARY ...With a Dictionary for Deciphering the Meaning of Your Doodles!!how fun!! - I love the graph paper on each page (for nice orderly doodles!) and the little info box for doodle date, time & place!

"Doodles are as unique to each person as handwriting. Try an untraditional - and extremely revealing - approach to journaling with The Doodle Diary. In addition to graph paper pages and doodle-inspiring designs, the journal contains a dictionary for deciphering hundreds of doodles. Fill up a page every day and learn what those lines, circles, squares, and squiggles say about you!" - from the Random House website


  1. I wandered onto your site after seeing your darling sign in Country Living. I just love it! I will be back! Just wanted to tell you I'm a new fan and will be taking peeks here and there!

  2. Are these at the pomodoro too? I'll need to run right over...Chase doodles all he time..well i do to...i'll take 3 please;)

    hey you missed my revealing...i cut my hair all off AND dyed alcohol involved...(the last time i did it, there was a little of that involved, but that was like 8 years ago!)

    I don't think Mark knew it was me...really, he looked a bit confused..a lot confused...

    (now you are curious;)