Fill UP , Buckle UP.. (and kids... PLeezzee shut UP!)

We just returned from our annual summer trip with my in-law family.This year 18 of us met in Sandusky, Ohio (the half way point for all of us - "US" from NY, "them" from Chicago) it was a blast of "go.go.go." we saw a TON. the kids were terrible in the car - and I yelled at least 90% of the time...
but it is a week we won't soon forget!

renaissance faire-sterling ny, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & lunch in the East Fourth Street Historic District - Cleveland Ohio, Kalahari - Sandusky Ohio, CEDAR POINT!, fishing in Salt Fork State Park -Cambridge Ohio, "the INCLINE",The "Strip" warehouse district saturday morning market,andy warhol museum,Pittsburgh zoo & aquarium-Pittsburgh,PA

23 hours in the car, 1500 miles, 7 days, 4 hotels,2 dozen Hannah Montana songs. 4 states, 5 tanks of gas,
1 lunch at Cracker Barrel, 3 cases of car sickness, 6 gas station bathroom stops, 1 bag of beef jerky, one great tan! one million bugs on the windshield, one SUPER dirty car - inside & out! 1 lost camera, 3 too many roller coasters, 8 cousins (10 years and under!) 1 new favorite artist : (Warhol-the early years-Wild Raspberries, Les Desserts, Butterflies) 6 mojitios, 2 baby elephants, one GIANT stuffed tiger won at Cedar Point, 1 fish market,
1 jousting match, 1 peacock, 8 dishes of dippin dots.

one week of PURE summer fun.

Renaissance Faire, Royal Parade - Sterling NY

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame - Cleveland, OH

Ferris Wheel at Cedar Point, Ohio.
Yes. We stayed 'til dark!

baby elephant, Angelia, born July 2009 . Pittsburgh Zoo

The Incline - overlooking the city of Pittsburgh, PA

a few of my favorite Warhol pieces - just divine!

sweets at The Strip Saturday morning markets
sunflowers at The Strip Markets - just screaming SUMMER!

enjoy the rest of YOUR summer!
September 1st is only 12 days away!

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