new digs for drooz (shelly & family too)!!!

many of you have been asking.
(thank you for the kind inquires!)

YES. the studio is for sale.
YES. my house is for sale.
guess it is time to set the record straight and share my super exciting news!
YUP. we are pulling up roots...
we are selling our home and the pink studio too..
(I know. I KNOW...Awwwwww)
but, believe me... it is all for the greater GOOD!
one studio + one home = my dream house!

I have had my eye on this house since I was about 10 years old! It is just around the corner from where we live now...

a gorgeous 175 year old historic brick house - with a 1000 ft attic that will house the new drooz studio! I guess I have come full circle.. I will now feel like the original "Little Princess" stashed away it my plush attic hideaway!(thank you Frances Hodgson Burnett , Sara Crewe, & Shirley Temple for one of most favorite movie scenes ever! Let's hope I can transform my new space just as beautifully as you did!)

since we are no longer "manufacturing" here at drooz... there are no more employees..and I just don't need the space of a whole farmhouse to work in alone.. so - let's shake it up a bit. SIMPLIFY. lately it is just me, some art supplies, and my computer. so let's GO! I'm game.. I can walk to work in my slippers again!

here are some pictures...
they tend to be a bit blurry ( honestly .. I think each time we visit our new home I am shaking with excitement!) Tin ceilings, tile floors, arched doors & halls with 12" moldings, bedrooms with fireplaces, 12 foot ceilings, crystal chandeliers, enough space to fill a whole rainy day of hide-and-seek games, and history that just seeps from every nook & cranny!
the curvy front stairs... the carriage house...brick and bay windows... can you say "dental molding"... ? look at the precious tiny balcony..(I have already warned the kids "DO NOT go out there!)the sun room - I'm pretty sure that once we live here this will be loving referred to as "the dog's room" .. I know they are going to love lounging the the sun!Welcome! Come on in! the AMAZING front double doors - they weigh a ton!
we don't move in for awhile...
but I'll keep you posted on updates and decorating ideas!
I'm thinking something like this for the entrance -
how cheery & welcoming!
here's what I'm thinking about for the backyard - a nice salt water pool perched by the carriage house, some super tall boxwood bushes for a tad of privacy and a sweet cabana to enjoy the summer breeze..hey a girl can dream.. right?

PS.. anyone want to buy an adorable pink studio?
how about a wonderful family home the village of Skaneateles NY?


  1. shelly, if I lived in NY I would buy your studio in a HEART BEAT!!! Oh wow! What a find you have! incredible details, that I can't WAIT to see what you do with. You will make that place amazing! in the mean time, I am considering moving up there just for your pink farm house;)

  2. new house is AMAZING!!! Congrats

  3. I am speechless. O.K., it's worth leaving the pink barn. I think change is great, it gives you a new "canvas" to work on. I'm sure you will keep us all up to date on the place...

  4. Shelly The pictures of the new house are amazing! What fun it is going to be for you to work your magic!

  5. Okay those pictures are waaay better than the first one I saw. I love old homes - so adorable! You are going to be one busy lady decorating that new house, I am guessing you can't wait to get started.

  6. I'm jealous with envy. LOL Seriously congratulations. You've worked hard and deserve your dream home. I absolutely LOVE the carriage house that's been turned into a garage. It's so sheek (sp?)!

    Good luck on selling the other two...

  7. Breathtaking! Its plain to see why waiting would be difficult. I love the "idea" entry its one of my favs too. I cannot wait to see what you dream.