Have I mentioned I have a thing for symmetry?

Have I mentioned I have a thing for symmetry?
Well I do. Well I do.
Could this be an unconscious (or very conscious) way that I attempt order, calm and harmony in my not so organized life?

2 kids, 2 dogs, 2 scoops of ice cream (that last one may not apply..)

These nutty, free-for-all days of summer fun have heightened my senses to ORDER... I have an awakened awareness to my surroundings … and my apparent need for all things tidy and sequenced.

here's a peek at some of my favorite perfectly balanced surroundings!...
enjoy the symmetry!

"good morning studio"!

a pair of tulips looking right at me...

even doing the dishes can have balance!
the kitchen sink at the studio...
ok... so I did not actually PLACE these here so side-by-side..but I sure do love these little hen houses so perfectly paired in pink!
an actual "pair" of vintage sinks - how delicious!
(they truly do delight me!)

the kids space at the studio...
"ett emm"..please don't mess with the pillows please....

let's count..
2 topiaries , 2 pillows, 2 candles and what is that??
2 sleepy pups curled up on my velvet pillows??

OK... this is just too cute and deserves a close up...
this is Gus & sister Stella... our 2 year old Boston Terrier pups enjoying their morning nap.

may your day be blessed with harmony, peace & balance...however you choose to find, view or obtain it!


  1. I have to look...do i have symmetry?? wait...that is why i feel like i need another circle sign next to the open close sign....see i do have a sense of symmetry:)

    Oh how i wish i could be just like you!!!

  2. OH gosh so do I, I should take pictures and show you how my house looks the same way, two lamps, two dogs, two topiaries....I even have the SAME pendant lights you have in your studio! Funny....

    Hope all is well!

    Jamie Lentzner

  3. Are these all your spaces? Just lovely! Thank you for linking my blog!

    -chelsea from frolic!

  4. I am so laughing at this because this is exactly how my 10 year old boston likes to sleep.. right atop the big chair pillow!