drooz designs soars to new HEIGHTS!

..drooz studio's newest product format ...
Growth Charts from Oopsy Daisy!
just adorable... here's a peek.. and more to come soon!
-these made their debute at the
Atlanta, LA and NYC shows this month-
and WAIT! there is more!
here ... please allow me to turn the light on so you can see better... wait a minute... are those drooz studio lamps??
yup... again.. brought to you by those
creative folks at Oopsy Daisy!

what will they think of next?? stay tuned for more
CHARMING (hint...hint...) products!


  1. OH you are such a tease, I hate that. Gee wonder what you could be hinting at? Love the growth charts and lamps, that is one thing I wish I had done. Growth charts are big at my home!

  2. shelly! i just stumbled onto your blog and am so excited to see your new goodies. I have missed getting to work with your studio directly, but know your goodies are sure to be just as much of a hit through oopsy! i can't wait to offer the precious growth charts of yours to my customers...they are sure to love them...your gorgeous art and the super popular growth charts...a golden item!!

    hope all is well and you are enjoying the changes!

  3. Excellent!! I love the lamps....can't you please send them a bijou pattern, so I could buy it all up:)

    I'm soo happy for you, it's soo well deserved, you shine shelly!

  4. Yay! And it is so good to know that these products are made right here in the U.S. supporting our economy!

  5. LOVE the new stuff....very hip and cool!