shelly, WHAT are you doing now?

The month of June marks six months since drooz studio has closed the wholesale division. So... what has Shelly been doing now?? I get that question almost daily! so... here's a few answers.
The studio is definitely quieter! The painters are gone - just me and Teresa (the studio manager) remain. We have completed fulfilling our hand painted orders - although- for now - we still do make the simple signs at the studio. I have been creating daily - sketches, paintings, doodles, whatever! I have also been working on developing more licensing partners, and working on the next BIG thing.. what does the world of decor and accessories need? hummmmmmm.

I recently commented on blog JPDMom... and let me repeat... because I think this sums it up best! "I am very excited about our decision to close our wholesale division so I can concentrate on what I love… and what I do best… design, draw and paint! A main part of being a boss and or business owner is “delegation”… easier said than done for some of us self proclaimed control freaks! But enough is enough… I’ve decided to “delegate”… let everyone do the job they are best at… the manufactures manufacture, the sales people sell, the marketers market, and the designers design! (yeah! That’s ME.. and that’s the part I LOVE!) As drooz studio has grown over the years – the studio was turning in more of a “factory”…which was good… but was it my original vision?… ummm NO. Lately my main responsibilities were boiling down to more of a “managerial” category …ordering supplies, checking payroll, managing painters, monitoring production, crunching numbers, making sales calls, & following up on sales calls… leaving very little time to design new “drooz”. I recently gave a wonderful new artist friend some advice.. “make your ‘wish’ list.. and make it happen.” It was time to listen to my own advice! Starting in January I can go to work… and just “create”! What a DREAM! Please note…Drooz has NO intentions of fading away anytime soon! Oh… we are really just getting started! We are beginning 2008 with two amazing licensing partners – Demdaco will debut our new gift line “frogs & fairytales”, and Oopsy Daisy will premiere our art line with 100 of our top selling designs! We even have a few more ideas hidden up our art smock sleeve! So stay tuned!"

Since January I have created over 55 new products! Whoo..that's alot of stuff! All kinds of things! very exciting... new formats... some pieces will debut in July 2008 in Atlanta - some pieces not until January 2009.

so.. let's just say I have not been bored.
I have not been relaxing... but I HAVE been having fun!

I have not retired! But I HAVE immensely enjoyed the past 6 months and the changes that have occured at drooz. and let me repeat...Drooz has NO intentions of fading away anytime soon! I am very excited to be re-thinking our traditional 2 dimensional look into wonderful 3 dimensional creations.

I spent the first few months smoothing out the transition of the wholesale art division - Oopsy Daisy- Fine art for Kids has done an amazing job translating our original art work into printed giclees. 100 of our favorite designs are now sold exclusively thru them ... I spent days hand painting each of our fonts into full alphabets so that Oopsy Daisy could personalize each design. Crowns, roses, seaweed, stars...etc.. each piece so that they could make each print look as great as our originals. They are really beautiful - and honestly you would be hard pressed to determine the original from the print. Their customer service has done a stellar job of managing all custom & special requests. I'm very excited about our new pieces with them ( some very cool things await!) - starting with a handful of growth charts - due out soon...

here is the newest wall hanging design - just out today! Three little fairies dance their way back to their mushroom homes among the cherry blossoms- while being supervised by the dutiful robins!

here is a peek of some new ideas... can't say too much yet...but a new glorious "baby girl" line is in the works!

and look... I have even set aside some time for "art just for art" has been awhile.. and I am delighted to be playing around with some ideas and canvases that might even hang on my own walls! here's a peek at wet paint and works in progress..


  1. wow, I wish to just paint! By far the most talented artist in our industry....hope you are inspired by our last trip. I have seen the imposters Shelly, and they are NO Drooz Studio - do not worry! No one creates like you do!

    I hope you are well, I have not been designing due to parties and end of the year field trips!!

    I love the new design!

  2. So great to hear of you following your dream now and your own advice. I too have been playing a bit of hookey and just participating in some art challenge sites.

    Your summer sky and sandy beach shows that you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing!

  3. GOOOO wish lists:) You know I am a big advocate of that...let's both add a girls vacation to some place tropical for a wish:) I'm all for that, even if it is a 3 day one...sigh..:)
    I love all your paintings and designs, especially the fairies! Gee can I come over and paint????

  4. Good for you Shelly! It is so interesting to see how the lettering for the Oopsy Daisy prints is done, we have some of new giclees in our store now and you really can't tell a difference! We just ordered the Frogs & Fairytales line this week - can't wait to see it all in person. Keep it up!!!