Imaginary shopping..

Today I went shopping with my designer friends (Jonathan, Thomas & Tricia .. to name a few) we threw together a "hanging-out" room for my new house. We strolled the finest shoppes in San Francisco, NYC and London – all this afternoon! A little of this … a little of that..and Viola! Presto! The most beautiful make-believe new room you ever did see!

Here are a few of my favorite things…


12' ( yes! 12 FEET!) Early Victorian Chesterfield Sofa
in Leather - Turquoise Leather from George Smith
$32,300 (hence the game of PRETEND shopping!)

RUG: Flock Rug in Dove and Cream, Thomas Paul 8x11 $815.00

Tricia Guild , Designers Guild pillows (or as the English say "cushions")..
Repeating jacquard motifs on a vibrant striped silk.
Silk trim. 11" x17" $90.00

and a few throw pillows from Jonathan Adler
J'Accuse Pillow Left $165.00 (left pointer)

big sur small turquoise $68.00

and MORE throw pillows! (well ,IT IS a 12 foot couch you know!) Pom Pom Pillows in Lagoon ,Chartruese & Chocolate $39.95 each

Old Hickory Tannery Zebra-Stripe Armchair- Horchow $1,499 each..

I'll need two please....

Erto Chandelier from Z Gallerie $399.00

SIDE TABLE: from, polished aluminum $219.00

and of course some fresh FLOWERS for the finishing touch!
$100.00 from
Radish &

what the heck – throw a few of these nick-nacks in too…
I have loads of this pretend loot!

Japanese enameled plates by artist Hella Jongerius $2,900.00 each from MOSS NYC

Oprah is coming over tomorrow to check out my new digs and chat over some iced coffee– wanna come too?


  1. Hmmmm inquiring minds want to know did you get the house?? Are you remodeling??? And if Oprah is coming to visit, get that guest room ready, I am coming too! Hope you are well!!! Happy Summer Vacation...with kids!

    Jamie (Lentzner) in case you did not know ;)

  2. Uhhh helllo, next time you pretend shop...can I come?????? In fact, while Oprah is visiting can we pretend shop for my living room, the boys room, my room....ah hell, alllll the rooms??? is after midnight and i have to get some sleep, but i know i will want to pretend shop...:):)
    love the polished aluminum table...and the pillows...well everything:) Your taste is divine:)

  3. btw...this is how rumors just wait...tomorrow someone is going to tell me that Oprah will be in town...and i'll know just how that rumor got started!!

  4. Come an make my life a little balanced!!! HAHA! Love the site and will be back often!