imaginary shopping issue no. 2: it's all black & white to me...

I love black and white.

As a "creative type" – I, of course, love color too… sometimes too much…. (we have some pretty colorful walls here at the studio & home!, magenta, Tiffany blue, and lavender to name a few)
but that B & W combo just calls to me...
time after time I am just drawn to it...

I have heard other artists and designers that work all day with color say that they need to come home to a haven of rooms all decorated in hues of white – well… I can’t do that (with 2 kids & 2 dogs..) honestly, that sounds a bit drastic ( and boring!) to me!

here's what I'd like to come home to..
just few accent pieces for here and there...
I do love that black & white combo.. here are a few finds of the day!

some new illumination from Stray Dog Designs . Everything this company makes is to die for...mirrors, boxes, art - all designed from tin. The Sandy Glass Lamp is breath taking! A hand painted black & white shade sit atop a hand blown glass base - made by artisians in Mexico ($400.) A classic black & white accessory - a bottle of Chanel No. 5. My perfume scent of choice since I've been old enough to wear perfume. Pictured here is the satin body spray... heaven in a spray bottle!
I love all things Marimekko .. but this is my favorite fabric -samovaari print .. Designed in 1970 by Maija Isola for Marimekko. Here is the Kukicha bag in Pattern: Maija and Kristina Isola from Marimekko.

and how about a new sofa to go with my adorable handbag? the MILO sofa by Anthropologie (they have offered it on and off for awhile... they must be sold out again!) It was a steal at around $4,000.

The Courtly Check Enamel Party Tray from MacKenzie- Childs. Can't you just picture it filled with pretty drinks dressed with limes being carried out to the back porch on a hot summer day?

My love for all things MacKenzie-Childs is endless! They are a local company...I can take a quick drive over to Aurora NY when I need a dose of inspiration! check out their goodies and be inspired too!

And for the dogs... can't forget the pups!

zoo rest dog beds - one for every room! I love these bowls - would it be weird to eat my cereal out of them?They are from a company called Harry Barker - if you have a dog - you must check this store out... adorable?? ARRFFF! and who appreciates these wonderful doggie black & white items? Stella & Gus of course! - the ultimate and most priceless black & white accessory we have around our house!


  1. I have been an avid McKenzie-childs collector for years. They inspired me to paint my childrens' furniture. I LOVE them! I can't imagine being able to drive to their place! I am jealous, Shelly.

  2. are so inspiring...can you just sell everything in my house and do a 24hour that show, clean house or something?

  3. They are so gorgeous - what breed are they? French bulldogs?

  4. hey sara...
    Stella and Gus are
    3 year old Boston Terriers!

  5. Love all the black and white.. I have a Boston too! Although he is quite old.. and still hyper (are your's hyper? I always ask other Boston owners that). Love your blog too!!!!