you made my may day...

I received my annual May Day posie from my creative and thoughtful friends from Lacy Road. For the past few years each May Day morning I arrive at the studio - hanging on the door knob is a paper cone, made of finger painted construction paper, filled with pansies and lots of LOVE.
(courtesy of Heather and her 3 precious little girls)

It just makes me smile all day.

Part of the fun of "giving" a May Day posie is the ding-dong-ditch ringing a
neighbor's doorbell, leaving a basket of flowers ,paper posie or candies,
and then racing to hide - appreciating the surprise they will have when they find their doorstep treasure!

Unfortunately, when the girls stopped by yesterday to deliver my posie ... I was in my car getting ready to leave. (drats! they were caught in the act of trying to attempt their May Day drop off!) Of course..I was thrilled anyway... but Minne (5) decided she should hang it on my doorknob so when I came back home I would be surprised!
Is that not the sweetest sentiment ever?

Through out history May Day has meant many things to many people - the Celtic pagans of the British Isles celebrated it as a cherished holiday that marked the beginning of the growing season, the Soviet Union put its socialist twist on May Day, using May 1st for strutting its military might in parades marked by red flags and red flowers and the Roman Catholic Church has long dedicated May to the Virgin Mary. More recently the holiday has seen a renewed interest in U.S. schools, where children learn about plant life while celebrating the traditional holiday.

It is such a sweet holiday tradition..( the ding-dong-ditch- posie part) it really is too bad that it is barely recognized today. Any way you look at it - May Day is a day to celebrate...

celebrate spring fever.
celebrate friends.
celebrate tradition.
celebrate thoughtfulness.
celebrate the sweetness of teaching children to give. Selfless, anonymous giving...just to make others happy.

Heather, Minne, Bridget & Vivian ...
thank you girls! once again you made my May Day!


  1. OOoh I never heard of that!! What a great idea for next year:)
    Happy May day!

  2. Happy May day!

    Looks like we will be celebrating our bloggerversary together:)

  3. My friend and I did that every year forever, we would leave them for all of our neighbors. We still talk every May Day, and send flowers.

  4. i found it a verry lovely thought, is"nt it nice to celebrate,and make each-other happy!!!! in holland we dont have a may day celebration.....that is until now!!!!!!