mommy...can we bring you in for show & tell?

art class... remember art class?
elmers glue, finger paints, & bouncing erasers across the table...
well ... a few weeks ago I was invited to my son & daughter's school to talk
to Mrs. Barry's art classes about "art". The art teacher had asked me a few times...
my kids had asked me a few hundred times... "Mommy, can we bring
you in for show & tell?"...

honestly I was a bit nervous.
I'm not much for public speaking - even if it was to a class of 9 & 10 year olds!
I kept putting if off. "OK..OK..I'll GO". I finally did it .. and it was a blast!
They were so interested and asked so many questions...

what's your favorite color?
how do you draw a rose?
how do you get your letters so straight?
what's your favorite thing to draw?
they were amazed that I had also attended art class in that very same school!
Mrs. Barry made a nice comment to the kids - something like "see you can can be anything you want when you grow up.. and hopefully it will be something you love to do!" The kids really liked the thought of that... and you could almost
see their thoughts race to their future professions!

The teacher has arranged for the kids to make wall hangings. I brought in a few samples...we talked about color, letters, names, filling the space, and the possible options of cutting the bottoms with zig-zags and scallops. They designed
with S P R I N G as their inspiration...ponds & posies, baseballs & bugs, fish & fairies were carefully sketched to canvas. The following week the classes added color with brushes and paint pens - the finished pieces were hung at the annual year end art show! thought you might like to see what a nice job they all did!

these two are my kids wall hangings.
Clark made a snake in the jungle with a few flashy "beware" signs... Chloe made a spring garden with peek-a-boo fairies! yes ...they are very creative and LOVE to paint...even though mommy is NOT very nice about sharing her paints and brushes at home!

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  1. Don't you love that feeling of your children being so proud of you! My daughter is in preschool and she is just now understanding that everyone's mommy is not an artist- she thought everyone had an art studio in there house!