working mother

The robins are back. Hands down they have got to be the hardest working mommies around!
With such determination she builds that nest...back & forth..back & forth...bringing newspaper scraps and old shoe laces to decorate her babies' bed.

How does she fly with all those eggs in her tummy?
How does she muster up those nerves of steel to gaurd her eggs day in and day out?
How does she stay warm on those cold rainy May nights?

Last year I had the most stubborn mommy robin trying to build a nest in the wreath on my front door. I caught her starting it one Monday morning at about 5am. I decided it would be best if she DID not choose this less than calm location (the main entrance to the house, the screen door slamming shut 100 times a day..) So.. I sadly removed what she had worked all morning to build...this continued all day. I must have removed her straw foundation about 10 times..each time she came right back to claim her new space.

OK -so she won... and I decided it would be a long few weeks of guarding the front door. As a family we avoided using that door as much as possible, we watched as the daddy bird hopped around our front yard, and we apologized to mommy bird every time we disturbed her - assuring her she was fine and that she should just go about her business.

I'm happy to say... all three eggs hatched...
project "baby bird" was a success!

I made a little sign and hung it by the nest...

mommy robin busy with eggs

-it alerted the mail lady and visitors so she would not be bothered- mommy robin became very comfortable around our noisy place ... and eventually would even stay in her nest as we walked right by.

I was lucky enough to be home the day they left the, two, three... they each pushed their fuzzy little bodies to the edge of the nest and off they went.

I'm very happy to report that this Spring mommy robin has choosen a much better location!
The holly bush by our back door now holds a big beautiful nest filled with 3 eggs.
We have the best seats in the house to watch over our new visitors..
just peeking out our "front row seating" family room window!
I think this will be a much better arrangment for ALL
the mommies (and mommy nerves) involved!
enjoy your stay robin family.

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  1. I'm so happy you are blogging:) That way I can have a Shelly moment everyday..everytime I talk to you I feel better, so when life is busy and we cannot talk everyday as I would like to, I can share a bit of your spirit:)
    gros bisous!