BLOG is Blooming...

I have dug out my "in the backyard" door tag from the bottom of the hats & mittens baskets...It is finally Spring in New York... and I hope to hang it on my front door soon! The grass is not the only thing sprouting here in NY... My blog is blooming! The warmth and encouragement from friends, a sprinkling of miscellaneous thoughts and creative whims I'd like to share, and the rich soil of the learning curve ...and voila! my blog is blooming!

yup....I've done it. I'm joining the ranks of the BLOGGERS ....
This is really just a test..let's see how it goes! I am always so inspired and entertained by the blogs I frequent. A whole other world of e-friends sharing everything from business tips and
family chaos to the best new recipes and lipstix! I'm anxious to share too!

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  1. Shelly,

    Welcome to the addicting world of blogging. I am so thrilled you are here. About 2 years ago you took the time to answer an email as I was beginning to take flight in the business side of my art. Since then I have made it official as a side business. Today I thank you again for the encouragement, and look forward to more of your blog. I invite you to my blog, (sometimes I do not get it right when the comment section asks for the url)

    Karen Mowrey